Bar Harbor Attractions

Seal Cove Auto Museum

The Seal Cove Auto Museum, near Bar Harbor, Maine, is a must-visit for auto enthusiasts and history buffs. Starting from Bar Harbor, a scenic drive takes you west on Route 3, passing through Southwest Harbor—a charming coastal town with rocky beaches and serene harbors. The route showcases Acadia National Park's beauty—dense forests, towering peaks, and pristine lakes.

Leaving the park, the journey to Seal Cove unveils scenic countryside—rolling hills, quaint farmhouses, and ocean glimpses. At the museum, a remarkable collection of late 19th to early 20th-century vintage automobiles awaits.

Explore the museum to discover classics from Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Packard. Noteworthy vehicles include the revolutionary Ford Model T and the iconic 1950s Chevrolet Bel Air.

Rare gems like the steam-powered Stanley Steamer and the opulent 1920s Duesenberg Model J provide a captivating insight into automotive history. Motorcycles and carriages offer diverse perspectives on transportation evolution and craftsmanship.

Each vehicle tells a story—reflecting technological strides, cultural shifts, and societal changes. From vintage roadsters' elegance to the intricate details of carriages, these automobiles encapsulate history and early enthusiasts' passion.



seal cove auto museum
Seal Cove Auto Museum

Scenic Flights Of Acadia

Embarking on a scenic flight over Acadia National Park offers an unmatched view of its coastal wonders, mountainous terrain, and island treasures. Buckle up for a captivating journey that unveils the stunning beauty of the sea and water.

Gazing out the window, the rugged Maine coastline lies before you—a bird's-eye view that you will find unique.

As you soar over the Atlantic Ocean, the vast blue canvas stretches seemingly forever. Deep ocean hues meet the lighter shades near the shore.  The dramatic cliffs, rocky alcoves, and hidden coves add an untamed charm to the scene. Waves crashing against the shore showcase nature's power.

Flying above Acadia's waters, spot marine life in their element. Seals laze on rocky islands, dolphins glide gracefully, and an occasional breach reveals a majestic whale. The flight graces iconic islands—Mount Desert Island, Isle au Haut, and the Cranberry Isles—revealing their lush forests, cozy villages, and inviting lighthouses from an interesting angle.

Acadia's mountains, including the regal Cadillac Mountain, stand tall below. The aircraft unveils the peaks' majesty, the valleys' serenity, and the vibrant foliage.  The flight unveils pristine lakes and ponds nestled within Acadia's embrace. Their presence reflects the surrounding beauty, enhancing the overall enchanting panorama.  Landmarks like Thunder Hole, Sand Beach, and the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse can be seen. Their coastal importance is newly underscored, adding to the visual experience.

As the flight concludes, a deep appreciation for Acadia's coastal wonders settles in. The memory of breathtaking vistas, tranquil waters, and the rugged coastline remains etched long after landing.

This scenic flight redefines your perspective of Acadia. With sea, water, mountains, and islands converging, you're treated to an untamed symphony of nature's artistry. It's a visual journey that celebrates the region's unparalleled allure.


scenic flights acadia
Scenic Flights of Acadia

Land And Garden Preserve - Asticou Azalea Garden


Nestled in Northeast Harbor, Maine, the Land and Garden Preserve offers a peaceful escape, home to the celebrated Asticou Azalea Garden. Experience a serene oasis where nature's charm unfolds.

Found in Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island, reaching the Land and Garden Preserve is straightforward. From Bar Harbor, take Route 3 south, then turn onto Route 198. Follow signs to Northeast Harbor, your gateway to the preserve.

On arrival, tranquility embraces you. Within, the Asticou Azalea Garden stands as a hidden gem, a mosaic of colors and scents.  Step into the garden to encounter blooming azaleas and rhododendrons. Meandering paths lead to peaceful corners, charming bridges, and quiet ponds—a soothing natural canvas.  The Asticou Azalea Garden is known for its collection of azaleas and rhododendrons, a burst of colors in bloom. Pinks, purples, oranges, and whites create a simple yet pleasing sight.

Wander the pathways to savor the mingling scents of flowers and evergreens. A subtle symphony that touches the senses.  Discover tucked-away benches and tranquil spots, inviting moments of reflection amidst nature's embrace.  Visit the Asticou Terraces for a garden highlight. Gaze upon Northeast Harbor and the serene Somes Sound. Waters, greenery, and distant islands create a tranquil panorama.

Beyond the garden lies more—a backdrop of rolling hills, woods, and ocean views. A quiet complement to the experience.  Depending on the season, peonies, hydrangeas, and lilacs may join the scene. Nature's evolving hues ensure every visit to the Asticou Azalea Garden offers a distinct experience.



land and garden preserve
Land and Garden Preserve

The Bar Harbor Historical Society


The Bar Harbor Historical Society, located in the center of Bar Harbor, Maine, is like a time-traveling journey into the past. Here's a sneak peek of what you can enjoy at the Bar Harbor Historical Society:

You'll find the society's building on West Street, right in the heart of downtown Bar Harbor. When you step inside, friendly folks are there to greet you and share stories from the old days.

Inside, you'll discover a bunch of cool things like old objects, pictures, and stuff that tell the story of Bar Harbor from way back. It's like a history book come to life!

You can check out how Bar Harbor used to be a little fishing village that turned into a fancy spot where rich people spent their summers. There are tales about important people like the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts who helped shape the town.

The place also talks about ships and the sea – how Bar Harbor used to be super busy with ships and fishing. And those fancy old houses? You'll see how they changed and became part of the town's charm.

Oh, and they've got old-timey photos that show you how things looked way before smartphones. You'll see how the town and the people living here have changed over time.

Sometimes they have special shows about certain parts of Bar Harbor's history. It's like diving deep into one topic to learn even more.

The friendly folks working there are full of stories and fun facts. They're happy to chat and make the past come alive for you.

Before you go, make sure to stop by the shop. They've got great books, maps, and souvenirs that let you take a piece of Bar Harbor's history home with you.


bar harbor historical society
Bar Harbor Historical Society

Tour Of The Atlantic Brewing Company


Step into the world of craft beer with a tour of the Atlantic Brewing Company. Here's what to expect:

When you arrive at the brewery in Bar Harbor, you'll feel the friendly vibes and the charm of the coastal town.  The tour starts by showing you how beer is made. Knowledgeable guides will walk you through each step, from picking the best ingredients to creating the flavors that make each brew special.  You'll get to see the brewing area up close, with big shiny tanks and all the equipment that brings the beer to life.

The guides will share cool stuff about brewing, like how different ingredients and techniques make different flavors.  As you move around, you'll catch whiffs of the brewing ingredients, which will make you super excited for the tasting.  The best part is trying the beers! They'll let you taste a bunch of their brews, from light and crisp to rich and dark. There's a flavor for everyone.

Enjoy the tasting and listen to the staff, who'll tell you interesting things about each beer's taste, how it's made, and what food goes well with it.  During the tour, you'll also learn about the brewery's story, how they care for the environment, and their love for making top-notch craft beer.  If you're lucky, there might be a shop where you can grab some of their beers or cool stuff to remember the visit.

By the end of the tour, you'll know more about brewing and have a bunch of tasty beer memories to take with you. It's a fun way to learn and enjoy the unique flavors from the Atlantic Brewing Company.


atlantic brewing company
Atlantic Brewing Company