Bar Harbor Family Activities

Bar Harbor Ghost Walking Tour


Join this captivating adventure through scenic Bar Harbor on the Ghost Walking Tour, perfect for families and young visitors. Starting at a local hotel, immerse yourself in the rich history and enchanting tales of this charming coastal town. Led by a native Maine historian, this small group tour offers an educational and thrilling experience for all ages.

Stroll through the picturesque streets of Bar Harbor, passing by historic churches, cemeteries, and other community gems. The mostly flat route spans approximately 1.5 miles, allowing even the youngest adventurers to join in the excitement. A knowledgeable tour guide, an expert in Maine history, will transport you back in time, sharing captivating stories and fascinating facts about the town's past.




bar harbor ghost walk tours
Bar Harbor Ghost Walk Tour

Pirates Cove Miniature Golf

Pirates Cove Miniature Golf in Bar Harbor is a fantastic family-friendly attraction that offers a fun-filled experience for kids and young ones. Situated in the heart of Bar Harbor, Maine, this captivating destination is easily accessible and a popular choice for families seeking entertainment and adventure.

By the end of the visit, kids and young ones will leave Pirates Cove with smiles on their faces, recounting their pirate-themed adventure on the mini-golf course. The attraction's focus on providing a family-friendly and enjoyable experience makes it a must-visit destination for families with children in Bar Harbor.




pirates cove adventure golf bar harbor
Pirates Cove Adventure Golf

Mount Desert Oceanarium

The Mount Desert Oceanarium is an incredible attraction that offers an enriching and fun-filled experience for children and young visitors, while also providing educational value for adults. Located in a picturesque setting, it's a place where learning and entertainment come together seamlessly.

As you enter the Oceanarium, you'll be greeted by a world of marine wonders waiting to be explored. The facility is designed to captivate the imagination of young visitors, offering a variety of interactive exhibits and engaging activities.




mount desert oceanarium
Mount Desert Oceanarium

Bar Island And Journeying Across The Land Bridge During Low Tide

Walking from Bar Harbor to Bar Island via the land bridge during low tide is an extraordinary adventure that offers a wonderful, educational, and thrilling experience for each member of the family, regardless of age. It's an opportunity to connect with nature, explore the intertidal zone, and discover the hidden treasures of Bar Island.

 The experience begins with a leisurely stroll across the sandy expanse, surrounded by the vastness of the ocean on either side.  One of the fascinating activities that can be enjoyed along the sands is the hunt for shellfish and other intertidal creatures. Children and adults alike can explore the tidal pools, carefully searching for marine life such as crabs, snails, and various species of seaweed. It's an interactive and educational opportunity to learn about the diverse ecosystem that thrives in this unique environment.

While exploring the intertidal zone, it's important to be mindful of the tide schedule. Understanding the times for high and low tides is crucial to ensure a safe return to Bar Harbor before the land bridge becomes submerged. Local tide charts or guidance from park officials can help you plan your visit accordingly.

Once on Bar Island, a whole new world of natural beauty and adventure awaits. The island boasts a network of trails that wind through lush forests, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding coastline. The trails cater to varying levels of difficulty, providing options for leisurely walks or more challenging hikes, accommodating the preferences and abilities of every family member.



bar harbor natural bridge to bar island
Bar Island Natural Bridge