Chicago Day Cruises

The 75 minutes Chicago Architecture Cruise


Architecture highlights: During the 75-minute cruise, you'll pass by some of Chicago's most iconic and historic buildings, including the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower), the John Hancock Center, the Wrigley Building, and the Tribune Tower. The guide will provide detailed information about each building's architectural style, history, and significance, as well as fun facts and trivia.

Chicago River: The highlight of the cruise is the Chicago River, which offers an up-close and personal look at some of the city's most impressive buildings. The boat will pass through the Chicago Lock and down the river, offering stunning views of the city's skyline from a unique perspective

chicago architecture cruise
Chicago Architecture Cruise

Nighttime Fireworks Display Cruise 


Viator's Chicago Fireworks Cruise is a popular nighttime tour that takes visitors on a scenic boat ride to watch the city's weekly fireworks display. 

Tour guide: A knowledgeable and friendly tour guide will accompany you on the cruise, providing commentary on the city's fascinating history and landmarks. The guide will use a microphone and speaker system to ensure that everyone on board can hear their insights and anecdotes clearly.

Fireworks display: As the boat cruises along the lake, you'll be able to enjoy the stunning views of the Chicago skyline at night. When the fireworks display begins, the boat will anchor in a prime viewing location, allowing you to watch the show from the water. The fireworks are typically launched from Navy Pier and last for approximately 15-20 minutes.

chicago fireworks cruise - viator
Fireworks Display Nighttime Cruise

Lake Michigan Speedboat Cruise


Viator's Chicago Speedboat Cruise is an exciting way to experience the city's famous landmarks from a different perspective. With a knowledgeable guide, comfortable speedboat, and stunning views, it's a thrilling activity for anyone looking for a bit of adventure during their visit to the Windy City. 


lake michigan speedboat cruise
Lake Michigan Speedboat Cruise

Lake Michigan Sunset Cruise


Viator's sunset cruise in Chicago is a popular tourist attraction that allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Chicago skyline as the sun sets over Lake Michigan.


chicago sunset cruise
Sunset overlooking Chicago harbor