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The Wentworth Restaurant

wentworth restaurant
Wentworth Restaurant

White Mountain Resort


Nestled in the heart of the White Mountains, the White Mountain Resort offers a culinary experience that caters to diverse tastes. At the forefront is a fine dining restaurant that boasts an elegant atmosphere and a menu crafted around seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. From delectable seafood like Maine lobster to succulent cuts of beef, the menu showcases a fusion of traditional and innovative culinary techniques. The restaurant's sommeliers are on hand to help you navigate an extensive wine selection, ensuring the perfect pairing for your meal.

The culinary journey extends beyond fine dining, embracing the flavors of New England. Nearby establishments present classic dishes such as clam chowder, lobster rolls, and maple-glazed salmon. These offerings pay homage to the region's rich seafood heritage and iconic ingredients like Vermont cheddar and New Hampshire maple syrup.

The culinary landscape at the White Mountain Resort also embraces international influences. Italian pasta, authentic Mexican dishes, Asian fusion creations, and more add a global touch to the dining experience, making sure there's something for every palate. In the realm of scenic views, the resort's backdrop features the awe-inspiring White Mountains. The peaks, including iconic names like Mount Washington and Mount Adams, change their character with the seasons, from snow-covered magnificence in winter to vibrant foliage displays in fall. 



white mountain resort
White Mountain Resort

Town Docks Restaurant

town docks restaurant meredith
Town Docks Restaurant Off Lake Winnipesaukee

Ferry Inn


The Ferry Inn, located in Meredith, New Hampshire, provides a unique culinary experience by the tranquil shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Offering diverse flavors and a serene ambiance, it's a delightful retreat for visitors seeking lakeside dining.

At the Ferry Inn, you'll discover exceptional culinary offerings that blend local ingredients, creative dishes, and quality. The menu caters to various tastes and preferences, showcasing the essence of the region's bounty.

Elevating traditional New England classics, the Ferry Inn adds its twist to beloved dishes. Whether it's clam chowder, lobster bisque, or fish and chips, these classics are reimagined with innovative flavors and presentations.  Nestled on Lake Winnipesaukee's shores, the inn's location enhances the dining experience. Whether you choose indoor or outdoor seating, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the lake and its surroundings.

Conveniently accessible from Boston and the south, the Ferry Inn offers a peaceful escape where scenic beauty meets culinary delights. It's an inviting haven for savoring great food while immersed in the natural beauty of the area.



ferry inn
Ferry Inn

The Corner House


corner house
Corner House