How and Why of the Top 5 Hotel Listings

How and Why of the Top 5 Hotel Listings

These carefully curated lists of the 'best' hotels worldwide reflects my dedication as a travel advisor. While I of course can't personally experience every hotel on the global list, I rely on a combination of my own experiences, client reviews, and the collective wisdom of fellow travel advisors, within Fora and also those that I engage with broadly on social media. These lists are a reflection of not only the properties recommended by my Fora Travel colleagues but also insights gained from the latest trends and most popular bookings along with discussions within the broader travel advisor community on social media.

The term 'best' or 'great' can be highly subjective, and that's where my role as a travel advisor truly shines. My expertise lies in understanding your preferences and passions, and aligning them with my extensive knowledge of hotels across four key global regions – the US, Europe, Caribbean, and Mexico. If you are looking to visit Los Angeles for example, so much might depend on whether you seek the allure of Rodeo Drive, the relaxed vibes of Venice Beach, the charm of Santa Monica Pier, or the energy of West Hollywood; and of course the type of property and experience you have in mind; there's an available subset of hotels on these lists that optimally suits your particular style and one of my initial tasks is to be a matchmaker of sorts.

I'm also skilled at optimizing your travel budget, ensuring your dollars are wisely allocated to match your interests. I've traveled across various budget spectrums, and I'm up for the challenge of tailoring your journey to your financial preferences. Let's embark on this voyage of discovery and create unforgettable travel experiences together!

hotel alfonso seville
Hotel Alfonso, Seville, Spain


Al Khan

Al Khan is the founder of and an experienced travel advisor. He loves great hotel experiences and also loves helping people match their ideal place to stay, no matter their budget or travel style. Al is a people person who loves to build strong relationships and make a difference in his community.