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Crafting Extraordinary Ladies' Escapes: Your Journey to Unforgettable Adventures

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Travel is more than a journey; it's an opportunity to connect, to discover, and to create cherished memories with your special friends. As a seasoned travel advisor with a knack for crafting unique ladies' trips, I'm here to make your dreams of shared adventures come true.  Allow me to share a couple of adventure-filled girls getaway experiences I crafted this year for which I am at liberty to share pics from.

Cruising the Caribbean and Costa Maya: A Royal Escape from Galveston

Picture this: the Texas sun setting as you embark on a journey that promises endless laughter and memories. A Royal Caribbean cruise from Galveston is your gateway to a world of experiences. It's where your voyage becomes an adventure, and I can be your experienced guide.  As you can see from the pics, this is exactly what we ended up with, and there are very few pleasures that compare to helping put a smile in someone's face. Another amazing destination for a shorter trip is Iceland due to its proximity.  Charming boutique hotels, ancient volcanoes, crazy rock formations, black sand beaches, geothermal wonders, and all the the rest of it.  I have recently arranged a couple of Ladies Iceland trips, one for my wife and her circle of friends; the pic from Black Sand Beach below says it all about Iceland's unique terrain.

As a certified "Master of Adventure" by Royal Caribbean for example,  I have insights into the vast array of choices and amenities that cruise lines have to offer.  But I also understand that a ladies' trip is about more than just the destination or even the amenities on board; one of my initial tasks thus is to be a matchmaker and match you preferences to the huge list of choices I am up-to-date about; it's all about the shared camaraderie, the laughter, and the experiences. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Silversea offer an exceptional backdrop for creation of these moments, the pics of a few I have shared on this page - please get in touch with me so I can do likewise for you and your group!

From sipping cocktails together on sun-drenched decks to enjoying spa days and dancing under the stars, I will customize your cruise to fit your group's aggregate preferences and interests. The shared camaraderie you'll experience on board a cruise is unlike any other, and the memories you create will last a lifetime. 

costa maya, mexico
The crew at Costa Maya, Mexico - my wife 3rd from left - Royal Caribbean Cruise


My passion is travel, and I meticulously plan my journeys to embrace the unique experiences that define each destination - just have a look at one of my 25 global itineraries from the main menu. The excitement of uncovering fresh insights about history, discovering local craftsmanship, or immersing myself in activities that reflect the essence of a place is what drives my adventures.

I firmly believe that every traveler, each with their unique dreams and budget, deserves a tailor-made and unforgettable journey. Whether you're in pursuit of luxury or seeking value-driven options, I'm here to craft an experience that deeply resonates with your individuality. Travel extends beyond the destination; it's also about the moments and memories

My specialty lies in curating experiences that find a perfect balance. It's about optimizing your journey and wisely allocating every dollar spent to bring you and your loved ones closer to the moments that hold the most significance for you. Whether you yearn for a lavish feast at a Michelin-star restaurant or have a penchant for discovering hidden gems off the beaten tourist path, I design your itinerary with your passions at the forefront.

royal caribbean ship
Royal Caribbean - Galveston to Caribbean & Costa Maya


Al Khan

Al Khan is the founder of LightedTrek.com and an experienced travel advisor. He loves great hotel experiences and also loves helping people match their ideal place to stay, no matter their budget or travel style. Al is a people person who loves to build strong relationships and make a difference in his community.

Black Sand Beach, Southern Iceland
The crew at Black Sand Beach, Iceland Trip
billie at costa maya - royal caribbean cruise
My wife at a crossroads - Costa Maya, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ladies Trip