8 Dreamy Mini-moon Hotels in US

8 amazing mini-moon hotels within US 

Big, bold honeymoons are awesome (check out the best all-inclusive honeymoon resorts around the world HERE). But with the stress of wedding planning, adding another thing to your plate — planning a far-flung adventure — sometimes isn't in the cards at the moment and perhaps requires a breather. That's where mini-moons come in. These are known as shorter, more low-key getaways taken immediately post-nuptials.

Highlighted HERE in my FORA article are a curated list of 8 wonderful mini-moon hotels sure to bring about that romantic experience so incredibly special that should go along with these cherished days.  Regardless of the length of the holiday or how far the destination....

Get in touch with me and I will help you plan out an amazing journey in one of these or else a similarly special place to kick off your amazing rest of your life together.  Happy mini-mooning!

rosewood miramar hotel
Rosewood Miramar Hotel, Santa Barbara, California


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